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I decided to purchase Report and go through it myself from top to the bottom. Read this unbiased review to discover the real truth that nobody is sharing with you!

If you are reading this Review then probably you may have these questions in your mind:

Is Numerology real?

Can Numerology help me in finding the purpose of my life?

Why Mike Madigan’s is making huge waves on the internet? Is it real? is a website or a service that provides you with numerology report containing your life path number, expression number and more. Give them your name they tell you who you are. Give them their date of birth they will tell you about your future. Isn’t it sounds exciting?

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There is an old saying that, every truth lies concealed in the numbers. Different types of numerology available with us from name numerology to predictive numerology. The numbers are transcribed into their respective letter to offer advice and predictions.

Numerology sounds interesting, but the calculations of numbers aren’t easy. It requires professional help who understand numerology. Thankfully, Mike Madigan is offering his service for a very minimal cost that people who believe in numerology are using it.

However, many people have many questions about its authenticity, and some have doubts that it is nothing but a scam. If you have similar concerns, then you are at the right place as you will discover the real truth about this service. In this review, you will find how it works, its pros and cons and everything that help you in making a SMART buying decision.

Let’s start this review.

Things To Consider About Numerology

“Your name is not an accident”, says their headline and it is rightly so. Your name and date of birth tell a lot about you. By understanding the secret behind your name and date of birth you can create the life you wanted it to be.

You can download the free personalized report from Just by reading this free report you learn a lot about your personality that will help you in choosing right career and prepare yourself for the problems that will come to you in the near future.

Who Should Buy Reports From ReviewsDo you want to improve your life? You know what you want from your life, but you want to know which life path will lead you towards success?

If you know what you want but struggling to make it happen then, numerology can be an easy and effective way.

As you already know, the first report from is completely free of cost. And I highly recommended everyone to get it as it will cost nothing.

This free report tells you about your personality and also tells you very little about your future. But, it will give you some idea about what you can expect from paid reports.

If free report seems interesting to you and you want to reveal more about your future then you can purchase one of their reports. They offer many different types of reports such as premium numerology report, romantic compatibility report, and others.

Who Should Not Buy Reports From

Numerology has changed the life of many people. If you also follow numerology and take decisions in your life according to the numerology report you receive from then you can make a positive change in your life.

Since numerology depends so much on your belief, that is why you won’t get your desired result if you approach it with skepticism and mockery. If you don’t believe in numbers or think numerology is silly, you won’t be getting any results with this technique.

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What Is

In a nutshell, by Mike Madigan is a well-established site or service founded for people who want to try numerology but don’t want to go through time-consuming calculations. Review is offering different eBooks and Personalized Predication Reports that you can order from this site to discover your unique personality traits, career, health, relationship, and even future.

Those who are not familiar with numerology should know, Numerology is studied for thousands of years shortly after humans have had a language with them. The method of numerology has helped many people in the past. It is clear that numbers have an amazing power that can even predict the future.

Mike Madigan founded, but now a team of experts is offering free and paid numerology reports to the public. You can try this ancient art by entering your name and date of birth to get your first personalized report for completely free.

However, to unlock more information about your life and future, you have to order any one of the six reports available in

Here is the information about these six reports:

Premium Numerology Report – this report contains deep insight about you, your unique skills, your hidden talents, your personality, and your future life

Chinese Numerology Report – this report contains knowledge about 4000-years numerology practices of Chinese along with your energy and inner self.

Romantic Compatibility Report – this report will tell you how you are doing in your relationship by comparing you and your life partner’s number.

Customized Personality Report – this report present the in-depth view on who you really are

Life & Success Snapshot – this report is a must-have for people struggling in their career and wants to get out from their financial crisis.

Complete One-Year Forecast – this subscription provides a forecast for 12 months. You will get a report every month containing predication on upcoming challenges and how you can tackle them.

What Makes Report Unique?

For me, three things that make numerologist unique are: Purpose, Plan, and Confirmation.

Purpose: The first thing you are going to learn from the report is your life purpose. The experts behind the will help you discover the true purpose of your life.

By reading the report, you will discover helpful and meaningful things you can do in your life.

Plan: After understanding your purpose, now you will discover how to plan your journey to achieve your goals. The report of Numerologist will show you how to work on your goal and when to wait for the right time.

This numerology report will tell you how to take advantage of your strengths and how to overcome your weaknesses to change them in your strengthen.

Confirmation: This part of the report will give you confirmations about if you are on the right path towards achieving your goals. This is important because, without confirmations, it will become confusing for you to stay on the right track.

The report will let you follow the right direction in your life. With the help of these confirmations, you can validate your every move and achieve great success in your life.

Don’t wait now, enter your name and date of birth to reveal about your true personality. *By clicking the image below you will taken to where you can enter your details and get free report in your email. Try it now!

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How Does Work?

NumerologyIf you are reading this review, it means you have some interest in this service. However, it is important to understand how this service works to decide if it is for you or not.

Although, there are many techniques in Numerology, but Mike Madigan uses two techniques on his site. Both these techniques work in a same way, but the only difference is the amount of information his team can get from provided details such as name, surname, and date of birth.

The first technique based on numbers and letters in our name, surname, and date of birth. Mike and his team calculate all possible combination of these numbers and letters to come up with the information that they provide in the report.

Anyone can perform this technique if he has an understanding about numerology and ready to calculate numbers and letters behind his name and date of birth. This type of technique is effective in getting exact and wider data. This is why I recommend this technique.

This technique provides very precious information about different life areas of your life. When you order this report from then the report will come with around 30 areas of your life. Some of them are:

  • Life Path
  • Heart Desire
  • Small Heart Desire
  • Subconscious Self
  • Personality
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Hidden Passion
  • Personal Years
  • Planes Of Expression
  • And More

The second technique needs to be conducted with the help of the person who has a strong spiritual connection. You may find steps about this technique on the internet but this technique provides the accurate result to only those that have strong numerology knowledge, or he is a master numerologist.

The procedure for calculation is same – it gathers numbers and letters through our name, surname, and date of birth as these three represent us. Once master numerologist gets our information, he calculates and uses his expert knowledge for numerology to get crucial information about us.

The results with this technique are exactly the same, but it doesn’t cover many areas of life. This technique is useful in finding the solution to a specific problem or understanding why a problem is happening in the life.

With this technique, you can find the solution to your problems. Since this technique requires services of master numerologist that is why it is expensive than the previous technique.

Anyone can calculate numbers and letters behind his name and date of birth, but best are those who not only have proper numerology information but also follow numerology as his true passion.

I hope this section of review has clear your doubt about how this service works. If you are interested in trying this numerology service, then you can consider getting ‘FREE’ personalized report.

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Will You Get Benefit From Numerology?

Honestly speaking, it is hard to say for someone who you don’t know personally. Numerology is an occult practice that can’t be proven scientifically.

Before processing with numerology, it is essential to keep in mind that numerology is not for everyone. It demands your TRUST.

NumerologyNumerology is not for someone who feels numerology can violate their religious belief or for someone who believes in science and hates palm readings, Astrology, psychic readings or anything like that.

Over the internet, you will find many supporters of Numerology, and many celebrities have changed their birth names according to numerology and found success in their career. Some people make business decisions on what they get from numerology. But on the other hand, many don’t find Numerology effective for them.

So, it is a controversial topic.

However, if you are someone who wants to turn your life around and looking for answers to your important questions, then numerology is suitable for you.

If you want someone to help you in picking the correct name or life path or career, then you can take help from numerology.

With the help of numerology, you can take advice on your health, relationship, career and life decisions. You can use numerology to find what is the best career for you or if a particular person is right for you and much more.

In short, numerology is the answer to your all questions.

However, anything you will discover about yourself through numerology should not be taken as a final word or absolute path. It is best to use numerology as a piece of advice and think once before making the final decision.

If you are ready to use numerology then you have two options:

First, spend countless hours on understanding numerology and what it holds for you. Understanding of numerology is complicated and can take you many years to discover about you. Moreover, the chances of error are high in this option.

Second, get your personalized numerology report from any online service and discover your real personality. This is where you can take help from This service charges you a nominal fee, but it will save time and most importantly, the chance of error is almost zero.

I hope you will take a better decision for yourself after reading this review.

Conclusion – Is It Worth The Investment?

Before creating this review, we tested this service to check if it really provides that much accurate information that it is claiming in their video. Once we receive the report, we were really impressed with the detailed information it provides regarding different areas of life and predictions are pretty much accurate as well.

numerologist reviewWith that being said, Numerology is not for everyone. If you think numerology is against your religious principles or you have firm believe in traditional science, then you should avoid charts. Just like palm reading, numerology based on occult science which is difficult to verify scientifically.

Additionally, charts are not very popular among non-readers because these reports are detailed and they need time to study them. If you are a fan of the small reports, then you should avoid it.

However, on the other hand, if you have trust in numerology and looking for a solution that can ‘support’ you in making a better decision towards your career, health, relationship or anything, then you can get great help from PDF.

It is very common for a normal individual to be skeptical about this type of numerology chart as there are many fake numerologists out there.

However, the only solution to find if reports are real is to try them. Just to let you know Mike is offering first free report completely free to check the accuracy of these reports and in case if you decide to buy their premium reports, then you will receive 60-days money back guarantee as well. Considering the option of the free report and money back guarantee I don’t think you have any reason for not trying it out. Enter the details below and get your free report now.

That was it from this review, if you have anything to share then feel free to share it with us using the comment box below or if you want to ask a question then message us and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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